ICT Infrastructure Review

FFA follow high standards of quality for its ICT operations and takes steps to ensure these standards are met. In this regard, FFA ICT established a set of procedures through its ISMS policy as a guide to support the Secretariat work Programmes. FFA operates and maintains an ICT infrastructure that employs a wide range of technologies. As the pace with which technology is evolving shows little sign of abating, it’s vital that the FFA ICT infrastructure is up to the task. Without accurate detailed information, opportunities to improve efficiency will be hard to identify and planning for change will be difficult and potentially risky for the Agency. Adopting the right technology at the right time can be key to future proofing the systems within FFA. FFA’s objective is to review and assess the current FFA ICT network infrastructure and its suitability to continue to deliver modern, accessible and secure ICT services and systems to the FFA and its members. The review will involve conducting a detailed examination of the procedures and process involved with ICT operations including the design of the DRS, the data backup processes, the network security and the storage systems infrastructure. The review will also produce recommendations on opportunities on how to improve the efficiency, reliability and security of the FFA infrastructure. In addition, the review will also assess and evaluate the relevance, cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the design of the FFA infrastructure systems.

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