Hybrid Integration Platform

This EOI is part of the process to achieve the following objectives: – Unlock the Department’s current and future digital services to an Online Data Marketplace for the general public, related government agencies and legal services – Provide a faster, common and more accurate set of services to our front facing business systems – Enable innovation and change to the Department’s digital demand through streamlined integration platforms. – Allow the Department to measure, learn and improve its services through business activity insights. To meet these objectives, the Department: – Is seeking an external dedicated resource to develop and implement a digital solution. – Would like the supply of this digital service to be at minimal cost to the Department; and is therefore open to considering a number of possible commercial arrangements. Accordingly, this EOI requires not only Respondents to indicate how well they meet the functional requirements it is also to obtain what funding model(s) are available and the indicative costs associated with them. – Is required to have Justice Compliance and Rules (i.e. Regulations) varied. Note: This action will be the responsibility of the Department to execute; and it forms an item upon which some of the requirements of this EOI are dependent. The purpose of this EOI is to allow DTS to gain preliminary information from Respondents regarding the requirements as set out in this document. It is important to note that this EOI process is not an offer and neither is it to be construed as creating any legally binding contract between the Respondents and the Department. No legal relationship will exist between the Department and a preferred Respondent relating to the supply of goods and/or services unless and until such time as a legally binding contract is executed by both parties.

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