Human Health and Social Impacts Node

The Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) in partnership with NSW health is seeking a request for tender from universities and research institutions to host the Human Health and Social Impacts Node of the NSW Adaptation Research Hub (The Hub). The objective of the Node is to support the NSW Government by: Providing robust, sector specific information which targets the health sector, vulnerable communities and government agencies Establishing evaluation baselines for adaptation programs that seek to improve public health and the delivery of health services in the face of a changing climate. Providing a better understanding of vulnerability in the context of exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity Providing practical information on building resilience in communities and in the health sector Fostering integrated climate impacts and adaptation research in the NSW university sector to enable effective climate change adaptation in NSW. Cost effectively delivering priority knowledge for OEH and its customers. Ensuring transfer of skills and knowledge between the University sector, Government staff and the communities that OEH serves, specifically regional communities.

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