GWN Contract Administration and Billing System

The Queensland Government is seeking Expression of Interest for a Contract Administration and Billing Solution to manage the Government Wireless Network (GWN) contract. The GWN Contract Directorate acts as the Government’s agent in all matters pertaining to the delivery and operation of the GWN and oversees the performance of the service provider’s obligations and responsibilities over the life of the GWN Services Agreement and seeks a solution to replace existing Contractor Performance and Contract Modification processes to streamline the process flow to replace manual intervention and email communications. The current process and agency invoicing is managed via complicated spreadsheets and macros, colloquially called “The Mod Register”. The management of contract modifications and invoicing via the Mod Register is very manually intensive, cumbersome, organically grown, is pushing the capabilities of Microsoft Excel, prone to macro errors and due to size is becoming unwieldly to manage with potential single points of failure due to limited skilled resources.

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