GMT Database Development and Support

JCU requires the services of a development and support team to scope changes, design, upgrade and maintain its MyGMT system. The proposed contract term will be for 3 years. MyGMT is a real-time web-enabled database using the DOTs Learning Management System. GMT uses MyGMT to manage GP training of registrars. The system is also customer facing (largely, read-only) to about 1000 registrars, supervisors and practices throughout Queensland, who can view their records and training resources. The system synchronises daily with AGPT’s RIDE system, as per Department of Health requirements. RIDE is a national system shared by 11 RTOs. It is continuously developed by AGPT, albeit small changes. MyGMT has significant customised code layered onto the DOTS system. Some of the customised code does not involve data that must sync to RIDE, for example Learning Plans Online, Registrar Training Records (RTR), Traffic Lights, Practice Capacity module, Resources/Articles, Custom Reports module, Lists, Admin functions, menus/toolbars/quick-links. Some customised code is used to create or re-shape data that is synchronised to RIDE, for example placements, accreditations, registrations, fellowships, user profiles.

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