Flood and Inundation Zone Web Based APP

The development, supply & installation of a Web based App Hinchinbrook Shire Council Hinchinbrook has been recognised as being on the forefront of flood planning in recent years, and has invested heavily in up to date, reliable information about the nature and characteristics of this hazard. Hinchinbrook commissioned a Herbert River Flood Plain Management Plan in 2003 that informed its 2005 Planning Scheme. The flood model has been updated in 2015. It is proposed to develop a web-application that capitalises upon Council’s existing flood data assets to simply and clearly communicate: the flood hazard categories that apply to the land, based on the overlay mapping; for the hazard category, development that: Council encourages; would be considered by Council; and Council would prefer not to see. Development requirements, such as maximum filling extents or minimum floor levels for development on the land.

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