Expert Panel and Industry List

The Panel will comprise suitable practice, implementation, research and evaluation experts who can support and build the capacity of funded service providers. This funding is under the Department of Social Services’ Families and Children (FaC) Activity. Panel members may be drawn from a range of service delivery, research, training, academic and service support backgrounds, but will have direct experience working with this specific sector (FaC organisations) and/or with comparable organisations. Panel members may be commissioned to undertake work with FaC service providers in two ways: a) by AIFS to undertake medium to large scale capacity building tasks with identified service providers. These tasks will support the sector to deliver the Government’s strategic priorities and could include activities like delivering advanced workshops on key topics or working with certain sub-activities to solve a problem for that sector (e.g., developing and testing a new outcomes measurement tool) or b) directly by individual FaC service providers who will use their own funding to purchase tailored assistance with program implementation, evaluation and/or outcomes measurement tasks. This service is known within the sector as the Families and Children Industry List (the ‘Industry List’).

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