ERP Replacement

Enable New Zealand is an operating division of the MidCentral District Health Board, however we operate semi-autonomously with responsibility for our own technology, infrastructure, and revenue generation. We are the largest provider of assistive products, environmental support services and other disability related supports in New Zealand, providing services to over 70,000 people each year. Enable New Zealand’s strategic priorities are focused on delivering an enhanced customer experience, employing efficient and effective service delivery practices and pursuing opportunities to grow. In that respect technology is a critical enabler that determines the quality of the services provided and the customer’s experience. Therefore, Enable New Zealand is seeking a technology solution that leverages off cost-effective, cloud based or SaaS solutions that can be easily deployed whilst recognising integration and future proofing capability. Enable New Zealand is looking for a fit-for-purpose ‘off the shelf’ cloud or SaaS solution that is modern, flexible and will meet our needs into the future. We are interested in systems and processes that are innovative and present modernised solutions that support our business model moving through a transitional state into the future. The ultimate driver is to deliver responsive agile services to our customers.

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