Enterprise Risk Management System

Australian Catholic University (ACU) was established in 1990 through incorporation as a public company limited by guarantee, incorporated pursuant to the Corporations Act. ACU is a public university funded by the Commonwealth Government, and is open to students and staff of all religious beliefs ACU has seven (7) research institutes and four (4) faculties: Education and Arts, Health Sciences, Law and Business and Theology and Philosophy. ACU has approximately 35,000 students and 2,500 staff spread across seven (7) campuses: Melbourne, Ballarat, Strathfield, North Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, and Adelaide. Headquarters are located in North Sydney. The Australian Catholic University (the University) has a requirement to implement an enterprise wide Risk Management System to meet the strategic and operational requirements of the University, whilst fulfilling its compliance and legislative requirements. Implementing a Risk Management System is a core line of business application to facilitate risk management requirements relating to ACU staff, employee, student, contractor, volunteer, religious members of the University or other assigned staff and visitors. ACU is seeking a flexible and robust system to reduce operational risk across ACU, provide greater risk transparency, improve integration between dependant systems and facilitate more efficient and effective strategic, operational and compliance reporting.

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