Distribution Network Engineering Services and Power System Protection Services

Horizon Power cordially invites you to submit a response for expression of interest for the provision of Distribution Network Engineering Services, Power System Protection Design Services and Protection Field Services across regional and remote Western Australia. Horizon Power is a State Government-owned, commercially-focused corporation that provides quality, safe and reliable power to more than 100,000 residents and 10,000 businesses, including major industry, across regional Western Australia. Horizon Power is a vertically integrated utility in that it is responsible for the generation, procurement, distribution and retailing of electricity supplies. The scope of work involves the following three categories: Electricity network distribution engineering services, including: Planning and feasibility studies; Distribution network and asset design; Asset, equipment and process standards development; Power system officer support; Construction and project management services for Distribution works and projects; and Incident and asset investigation support, including reporting (e.g. Investigation Lead – ICAM’s, RCA’s etc) Electricity power system protection design services, covering: Generation, remote generation, transmission and distribution. Electricity protection field services, including: Commissioning of primary and secondary systems; Maintenance of primary and secondary systems; High Voltage Testing; Project and contract management of field works; Secondary system isolations; and System inspection, testing and configuration management.

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