Digital Visitor Survey and Tourism Infrastructure Audit

The Queensland Government is seeking Proposals for to undertake North West Queensland Digital Visitor Survey and Tourism Infrastructure Audit. Part 1 – Digital Visitor Survey The contractor will undertake a survey of visitors and non-visitors involving: purchase and analysis of International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) data supplemented with other relevant digital visitor information as required, analysis of previous visitor surveys and reports anecdotal data collected at visitor information centres and other key industry bodies a survey of non-visitors, potentially profiling non-visitors by recruiting participants through an online panel of Australian consumers and using choice-based modelling to identify the features and activities that are most appealing to emerging market segments as well as awareness of NWQ and major competitors, information sources, preferences and perceptions, constraints and facilitators to visiting and other relevant matters. Part 2 – Infrastructure Audit The contractor will also undertake an audit of existing NWQ tourism infrastructure and determine opportunities for its enhancement to cater to the needs and demands of current and prospective visitor demand and expectations. This will also draw upon previous reports and data from visitor information centres and other key industry bodies. The complete contract requirements and deliverables are specified in Schedule 1 of the attached ‘Contract Details’ and ‘North West Queensland Digital Visitor and Tourism Infrastructure Audit Scope’.

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