Digital Channels for Data Collection

Stats NZ are currently looking at the way we receive and collect data from our data providers. We’ve heard from our data providers that not having appropriate digital channels available to them makes it difficult to send the data to us. This poses a challenge for Stats NZ. Through this RFI process Stats NZ is seeking to become a more informed buyer, and to better understand what new and innovative digital solutions are available and the indicative cost of these solutions. With this in mind, we are not limiting responses by any specification requirements as we do not wish to rule out any digital solution that could be employed to meet the needs of our data providers. We want to investigate the possibility of introducing a digital gateway for our data providers. We would also like to offer an option of online survey forms for others. We expect digital collection to predominantly replace the current paper based collections. Stats NZ is open to any and all potential options. Stats NZ intends to progress to a procurement process in 2018. This will be by openly advertising the procurement opportunity on the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS) through the issue of a formal Request for Proposals.

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