Data Virtualisation Solution

Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC) is looking for an enterprise-class Data Virtualisation solution that will bring agility, quality, and better control in meeting the growing demands of its core business. Data Virtualisation as a key technology enabler that will help us reduce time, effort and cost to deliver critical enhancements and functionalities to the business. Today, it is challenging to enable these changes due to several technology and process constraints from slow non-production data refreshes, storage capacity issues, compute resource contentions, manual provisioning processes, and lack of proper data security, the list could go on. As our core systems rely on Oracle, we need a solution that will work seamlessly and certified to integrate with our Oracle stack, primarily in the Database tier and support for potential migration to the Oracle Cloud Services. We are looking for a service provider that has an established New Zealand base that can tailor a strategic and operational technology roadmap for us that sets a long-term adoption approach of Data Virtualisation based on our capability and maturity as an organisation.

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