Data Inventory Services

Stats NZ is the Government’s functional leader for Data and Analytics. As part of the role, we recently took over leadership of the Open Government Information and Data Programme (referred to as the Open Data programme) from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). Part of the Open Data programme’s role is to support and encourage all government agencies to adopt the 2011 Declaration of Open and Transparent Government and pro-actively release high value data. As part of the Data Inventory project under the Open Data programme we need to engage the services of one or more expert suppliers with proven experience in data/information management and conducting data audits and inventories, to help Stats NZ and other government agencies prepare machine-readable inventories of our respective data assets, so that we and our data customers alike can clearly identify what data we collect and hold, and the status of those data. It is envisaged the combined data inventories will provide a centralised inventory of government data. This is a key piece of work, designed to accelerate the building of a well-managed data infrastructure; provide greater transparency and visibility of available data, and enable economic and social benefits for all New Zealand through data driven innovation.

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