Customer Centred Management Solution: Transforming the System of Service Delivery

Background The Service Delivery and Operations (SDO) Branch of the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is responsible for delivering Identity and Life Event related products and services to New Zealanders. Te Ara Manaaki | Transforming the System of Service Delivery (TSSD) Programme, run within the SDO Branch, has been established to redesign services to take them from being a product-centric to a customer-centred business model. Through this innovation centred programme, DIA is seeking to deliver services in more joined up, effective ways, including over digital self-service channels. The scope of the transformation includes services and products related to Life Events including births, deaths, and marriages – and Identity; citizenship and name changes, passports and travel documents. Scope In support of the TSSD Programme, DIA is publishing a suite of three individual Request for Proposals (RFPs) on the Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS). The scope of services within the three RFPs include: 1.Enterprise Integration (EI): connects our existing systems and registries, holding the data that feeds into CCMS and CIAM, enabling a single view of our customer. 2.Customer Centred Management Solution (CCMS): seeks account and contact management tools that support our understanding of historical customer interactions with DIA, manages products and stock, and has workflow and workforce management capabilities to support workload management. 3.Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM): manages the requirements and permissions for identifying our customers, partners and staff, enabling us to know who we are interacting with and what services/information they are entitled to.

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