Cross-Government Intercultural Competence Capability Development Programme

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) invites interested respondents to submit proposals for the development of an innovative, interactive and engaging online Cross-Government Intercultural Competence Capability Development Programme. The successful provider(s) appointed will be responsible for developing, piloting (in 2-3 State sector organisations), evaluating and refining the Programme. The expected goals of the Programme over the long-term are to: • Improve State sector employees’ knowledge, skills and attitudes towards those from cultural backgrounds different from their own (irrespective of the particular intersection of cultures); • Support the growth of diverse and inclusive State sector workplaces; • Support enhanced intercultural communication and interactions in State sector workplaces (e.g. employee-employee and employer–employee); and • Improve service delivery and interactions between the State sector and a wide diversity of community members

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