Core Transport Management System

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) is seeking a key strategic partner to enable the development and delivery of our Intelligent Congestion Management Program (ICMP). We expect that potential partners will not only have the current capability to deliver our Core Transport Management System (Core System), but will also have a strategic roadmap and working culture aligned with that of the Transport Management Centre (TMC), with the view of partnering with us to continue to deliver enhanced capability for the full length of the program to ultimately enable the development of an Intelligent Transport Management Solution (ITMS). The purpose of the ICMP initiative is to deliver a multi-modal, proactive network management platform leveraging emerging technology and predictive analytics to deliver more reliable journeys for Transport NSW’s customers. This will be achieved by enhancing the TMCs core capabilities, with respect to: 1.Integrated planning; 2.Situational awareness; 3.Operational decisions; 4.Proactive network management; and 5.Information delivery. For this expression of interest, TfNSW is seeking organisations that can demonstrate the above and provide us with a modern Core Transport Management System that can: Support all existing management functions; Automate manual functions; and Provide an open environment for integrating future advanced functionality. The organisation will be required to supply all necessary software and provide implementation and integration services.

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