Cook Strait Cable Replacement

Transpower is a state-owned enterprise at the centre of New Zealand’s electricity industry. It is responsible for ensuring the secure and reliable transmission and delivery of electrical energy from generating sites, such as hydro-dams, wind farms and geothermal sites to distribution companies and large direct supply companies. Transpower also operates the power system and electricity market. Transpower has two in service fibre optic cable in the Cook Strait. These cables weigh 5.5kgs/m however this is not sufficient weight for them to remain on the seabed during the high tidal current flows experienced in the Cook Strait. There is also no opportunity to bury the cables due to their proximity to the in-service 330kv DC cables. Transpower have decided to investigate the cost to replace the cables with a heavier version which will be specifically designed for the conditions in Cook Strait. Transpower are seeking a cable that weighs 15-20kg/meter or greater but still has sufficient flexibility for installation and confirmation with the seabed contour.

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