Contact Centre Telephony and Workforce Management Solution

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Contact Centre Telephony and Workforce Management Solution Council is going to market for a Contact Centre Telephony solution to: Provide a fully hosted system with no hardware located at Council Data Centres, Provide a solution that does not require Council software or licencing Improve the scalability of the Contact Centre Improve remote working for Contact Centre groups Improve business continuity, service and response for Contact Centre services. The solution will be utilised by the following Contact Centre groups. Council External Public Facing Contact Centres Lifestyle and Community Services (LCS) Cemeteries Coordination Centre. Council Internal Contact Centres Development Services ICT Service Centre Solution Centre Trade Services Fleet Services VIP – Ward Office Services. The Contact Centre Telephony will provide a zero-equipment on-site footprint at Council facilities to provide the following services: Production Contact Centre Environment, Production Support Contact Centre Environment, Wallboards and Reporting, and Contact Centre User Administration Portal. Workforce Management Council is seeking to establish a Preferred Supplier Arrangement with the successful Respondent from this RFP. Under this arrangement, Council will enter into a Contract with the successful Tenderer. The contract will be for up to 10 years.

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