Contact Centre and Telephony

People at Monash rely on telephony for a huge volume of day to day communications. The Monash telephony system reliably and simply allows people to make connections with others across the University, and those outside. A number of external and internal forces are changing Monash needs in relation to telephony: People are working away from their desks and are relying on their mobile phones more than ever; Text and mobile chat communication is becoming more prevalent; Monash is delivering more services over the phone through Contact Centres, and these are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and Cloud technology is advancing which creates more options around hardware, ownership and ongoing maintenance. Monash made a significant change to telephony in 2008 when it replaced the analogue PABX systems with a digital VOIP system based on servers in one of the Monash Data Centres. This large change project spanned three years and delivered significant cost savings as well as an improvement to voicemail and Contact Centre capabilities. The current core telephony systems are now fast approaching the scheduled end of its manufacturer’s support period. Monash now seeks innovative solutions to address its Contact Centre and enterprise telephony needs and enable future ways of working through innovation Monash is seeking market responses from vendors with proven experience in deploying, managing and supporting large scale Enterprise Telephony environments and/or Contact Centres.

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