Consultant to Conduct the Five-Year Review of the Health Star Rating System

The successful tenderer will be required to produce a final review report, to be provided to the Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation (the Forum) in mid-2019. The following areas are to be considered, across both Australia and New Zealand, as part of the review: 1. communication and stakeholder engagement; 2. system enhancements; and 3. monitoring and governance. The successful tenderer will incorporate these areas and provide an overarching analysis of the success and impact of the HSR system on government, industry and the public, evaluated against the system’s objectives. The review will also provide options for the extension of the HSR system. In particular, the advantages and disadvantages of making the HSR system mandatory, as opposed to maintaining its voluntary nature, will be outlined. Options and justifications will be clearly identified for consideration by the Forum.

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