Communication and Change Management Consultancy Services

DIBP is seeking to engage the Communication and Change Management consultancy services of an experienced Service Provider, who can work with DIBP’s TDU programme team to implement recommendations and measures from DIBP’s TDU transformation roadmap and broader transformation initiative. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), through their Technology Delivery Uplift (TDU) transformation initiative has identified a requirement to substantially increase its ICT delivery capacity, specifically in the way ICT products and services are developed and delivered, in order to meet the demand for rapid business and technology change. For DIBP to meet the demand for rapid business and technology change it must implement and sustain a Continuous Delivery (CD) capability. DIBP is seeking to engage a service provider to support the TDU programme to: 1. Keep the programme engaged with key stakeholders. 2. Help the programme work with and influence stakeholders. 3. Plan and facilitate engagement with programme stakeholders. 4. Lead and drive the communication, with the expressed intent of bringing about the programme’s change agenda.

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