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Integrated Asset Management System

The Department of Finance (Finance), in conjunction with the Department of Education (Education), is pursuing a number of strategies to improve the management of non-residential building assets across government. In this regard, both departments are keen to examine the opportunities presented through the potential adoption of new technologies and software applications. As a first step […]

ABIS 2 (Automated Biometric Identification Solution)

New Zealand Police are seeking Requests for Proposals (RFP) for: ABIS 2 (Automated Biometric Identification Solution) NZ Police are seeking proposals from suitably experienced, qualified and resourced companies to provide the ABIS 2 (Automated Biometric Identification Solution) Facial Image Identification and Management, Scar, Mark and Tattoo, and Clothing database Technology Solution(s).

E-Discovery Software and Implementation Services

Overview The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) is seeking to implement an e-discovery solution to enhance our ability to manage, search and share documents to support investigation and litigation. We expect the system to support our needs from “Identification” through to “Production” as shown in the EDRM model below. The chosen solution needs to maximise our […]

Business Reporting and Data Visualisation Tool

Alfred Health is seeking to improve its information reporting capabilities, along with standardisation and optimisation of report development process. For this purpose, the health service intends to procure a reporting platform to facilitate business reporting requirements. This includes generation of dashboards, self-service queries and automated reporting based on large volumes of clinical and financial data.

Phase 4 Health Knowledge Management (HKM) Solution

This notice provides advance notification of a pending RFI release for JP2060 Phase 4 Health Knowledge Management (HKM) Solution. JP2060 Phase 4 aims to deliver a Health Knowledge Management (HKM) solution to provide readily accessible health information including patient clinical information to support timely, efficient and effective health care, in connected and disconnected, non-deployed and […]

Student Information and Management System Business Analysis Consultation

Charles Darwin University (CDU) issues this request for analysis and consultation of our Student Information / Management environments. The expected result of which would be a tender for the transition to a “next-gen” student success focussed solution. The analysis will need to consider current state systems and business processes supporting the Vocational Education & Training […]