Capacity Management Software

Jemena introduced the Capacity Management function in 2013 and implemented a tactical software solution to assist the function quickly mature. Over this time the function has gone from a being ad hoc and chaotic to one that is heavily relied upon for input into Projects, Tenders, Planning and Operational Issues. Our current toolset is unable to keep up with the rapidly changing technology and limiting our ability to forecast future capacity requirements. This in turn has an impact on the accuracy of our prediction and the advice we provide. Further to this our stakeholders require rapid assessment of IT Systems as a result of changes to Business Plans & Budgets, by being able to quickly re-forecast impact to capacity. A step up in Capacity Management maturity, demands a specialist capacity management tool that is integrated and takes into account new application architectures, highly virtualised infrastructure, public and private clouds, highly converged environments and enables capacity management to continue balancing supply and demand in an ever changing technology. A new level of reporting and interactive dashboards, will help consumers with their understanding of existing capacity. The ability to simulate multiple ‘what if’ scenarios will enhance capacity managements capability to utilise all available resources to the optimum level. As the business becomes more digitised, the demand for high-performing infrastructure that is agile, capable of deploying new services rapidly, cost-competitively and often with choices of on premise or cloud platforms becomes crucial. Investment in capacity management tools will help ensure higher availability of resources and better service efficiency, bringing more flexibility to the environment whilst improving utilisation of existing infrastructure. The goal of Capacity Management is to ensure that there are sufficient IT resources to satisfy the current and future needs of the business, but never more. It’s a continued balance between supply and demand. We are seeking a capacity management tool that allows us to step up in maturity and deliver the below value add objectives: Increase Operational Efficiency Enable Business Agility Enable Better Investment Decisions Maintain Operational Risk Profile

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