Business Uptake of ICT Initiative

As part of the Building a Digital Nation programme, MBIE wants to enable and support New Zealand small to medium businesses to use the latest technologies and develop new products and services through digital innovation and technology. This is so they are able to grow, disrupt, and compete across the globe. Earlier in 2017 MBIE initiated a programme of research and development on business uptake of ICT. Three sectors, construction, arable farming and tourism were targeted specifically to assess and understand their approach to, and engagement with “doing business digitally”. The objectives were: – identify key business priorities for the sectors; – identify what role digital technology could play in addressing these priorities; – understand how best to engage with the sectors to influence decisions and actions; and – learn how business owners in the sectors most effectively learn and access new information. The final deliverable of the first phase of this “Business Uptake of ICT” programme is a report outlining the ICT state of play for the sectors (arable farming, construction, tourism) and the way representatives of those sectors think about digital possibilities and impacts for their businesses. MBIE now wishes to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the next phase of the programme – that is, the design and delivery of an innovative pilot programme to address the needs and issues revealed in the phase 1 report. The goal of this pilot programme is to prepare businesses in the three sectors to take full advantage of digital technology options to secure their business success, by being more efficient, productive, and unlocking new opportunities that digital technology can provide.

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