Business Intelligence Tool

Council are looking to procure a Business Intelligence Reporting tool. The areas covered by this project are services for: – Discovery / set up: preparing account set up plan and programme agreeing a health and safety plan agreeing a relationship management plan including meetings and reporting requirements agreeing performance framework agreeing detailed pricing models – Implementation agreeing key parameters configuration customisation set up training and testing – Ongoing Support: customisation consulting advice enhancing reporting (advice) training The process will be a two staged open market process: -Registration of Interest (ROI) -Request for Proposal (RFP) This ROI is the first formal step in the process and is intended to be of minimal effort for respondents and allow council to create a short list of two or three suppliers to invite to enter the RFP process. Council are also intending the RFP to be a short and simple process with minimal written questions, there will be verbal questions in a workshop with the council.

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