Build for Speed Programme

Callaghan Innovation’s mission is to liberate innovators and help businesses succeed through technology. One of the ways we do this is to help build the country’s innovation capability and by promoting the delivery of innovation services to businesses. We receive government funding to deliver programmes and services to our customers with the primary objective being to improve our customers’ ability to innovate and succeed. Build For Speed (BFS) is a programme co-developed by Callaghan Innovation with a provider, then successfully piloted with that provider over an extended period. The programme assists companies undertaking software development to increase the knowledge, experience and capability of their software product development teams, by introducing enhanced technical tools and teamwork processes. A review of the Build For Speed Programme earlier this year demonstrated that it had delivered significant benefit to participating businesses particularly in accelerated product cycles, enhanced quality levels, advanced technical practices and team development. Callaghan Innovation is now seeking to appoint up to three suppliers to a panel from which New Zealand software development businesses can choose a provider for the delivery of its Build For Speed programme. This co-funded programme is targeted at businesses up to and including the late start-up phase of development, particularly those looking to scale up. Also qualifying are more mature software development businesses who are looking to enter a new phase of growth in their development. We need suppliers to have the requisite knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver Build For Speed Programme services. Because of the required mix of advanced technical know-how combined with the capability to work harmoniously and productively with established teams within a business, a high standard is set for acceptable BFS programme suppliers. A complete response to this RFP may require a collaboration between several suppliers so that all aspects of BFS service can be provided seamlessly.

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