Biosecurity Strategy

Control of environmental weeds is undertaken to ensure compliance and delivery of the Regional Pest Management Strategy, Weed Management Policy and Biosecurity Annual Operation Plan. The purpose of this procurement is to procure professional services to control Rhamnus and Moth plant densities, and other environmental weeds in targeted areas to reduce pest plant infestations and subsequent damage to the natural values in the Howick Local Board area. Furthermore the capacity to deliver pest animal control programs and work with Mana Whenua particular on their own land (as part of the treaty settlement) would be advantageous and give extra capacity to deliver a fully comprehensive ecological restoration and community enhanced program. High ecological value local reserves may also be selected for pest plant and pest animal control as per a pest management plan. The expected outcomes will build on progress made with reduction of pest plant and animal density in the Howick Local Board areas since the inception of the Howick Local Board intensive control programme.

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