Audio and Visual, Lighting, Rigging and Staging Services

The University would like to have a nominated full service audio, visual, lighting, rigging and staging supplier who can provide the University with a high level of service and state of the art production equipment for University events (both on and off campus). The types of events that are most common throughout the University are: •Seminars; •Workshops; •Public lectures; •Dinners; •Award ceremonies; and, •Student engagement activities. This preferred supplier would work closely with our internal Event Services audio-visual & technical team to ascertain client requirements for events, and may work on projects/events for the University faculties, departments and service divisions, in consultation with or collaboratively with the University’s Event Services team. On occasion the preferred supplier will need to provide the University with staff (technicians) to assist with the setting up of events; running of events; and, packing up of equipment at the conclusion of the events. The University would like to have a preferred supplier that can provide a large assortment of equipment for hire, so that all events held throughout the University can be of the same excellent standard. Outlined below is a list of equipment that the University may require. This list is to provide suppliers with an overall idea of what may be required.

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