Associate Panel – Design and Innovation Capability

Icare are looking to develop a collaborative Associate Panel (the Panel) that brings design innovation capability to icare, using a test and learn mindset with a focus on collective outcomes. The Panel will have: A clear and committed intent A test & learn mindset A collective outcome focus A Commitment to growing a community of practice Each Service Provider will be asked provide details on their skills and experience as follows: Skills Range of skills and services provided by the Service Provider. This can be done visually, such as with an Innovation Design Capability Map. Domain experience Articulate domain experience of the Service Provider eg. workers insurance or medical experience. Experience/cohorts you have worked with before What groups does the Service Provider have experience working with eg. people with disabilities or mental health issues. Case-studies Examples of previous project work. There is also a case study to be completed as part of this EOI. The Team CVs / biographies for key personnel that may work on the projects.

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