Architectural Evaluation and Advice on Online Financial Systems

Provide expert opinion, to the standard required in the Australian Administrative Appeals Tribunal, (via a report) with respect to technical and complex banking related IT solutions. It is not your role to interpret the relevant legislation or to provide your opinion as to whether any aspects of that are met. The Department is seeking an expert, or team of experts, to provide technical advice to help evaluate an application (including additional documentation) against the legislation. You will not be required to make an assessment against the relevant legislation. The seller will need to be confident that it has the relevant skills and ability to assess a large volume of technical documentation in a short time and give an expert view on: • the state of the art at the time activities claimed through the programme were undertaken. • whether the activities undertaken were standard practice in the field at the time, or ‘pushed the envelope’ in the field. • Whether the activities described by companies were well known standard practice in another field. The expert opinion will be expressed in a report format, based on review of large volume of technical information. It is expected that the expert’s knowledge of the technical subject matter will be applied in considering the information and include reference to materials that further substantiates its views, such as published articles (academic or otherwise).

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