Analysis of Literature on New Zealand Biodiversity

The Ministry and Stats NZ are mandated to report on state of the environment, using a pressure-state-impact framework, by the Environmental Reporting Act 2015. This procurement will improve the evidence used for this purpose, making our reporting more accurate and relevant so that it remains trusted by our partners and stakeholders. This work will be produced for the upcoming synthesis report, Environment Aotearoa 2019. EA 2019 will focus on cross-domain issues (i.e. issues that span domains, for example, land, freshwater and marine environments). Due to the nature of the cross-domain and synthesis focus, we need to ensure that we have brought together the relevant information from across New Zealand in a robust, accurate way. A key issue that will be focussed on in EA 2019 is the state of our rare and unique biodiversity and its role in ecosystem function. This is a unique opportunity to provide information that will inform the New Zealand public and decision makers about the state of New Zealand’s biodiversity and its role in ecosystem function.

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