About Us

TenderBytes was born as a result of years of searching for, and responding to, tenders. Our principal consultants were sick of the heartache surrounding the tender process and felt that there had to be a better way.

Brief History

TenderBytes commenced operations in 2003 and fiddled around with a variety of subscription and business models before settling on the current approach in 2005. Today, we have hundreds of subscribers spanning all corners of the globe but predominantly from Australia.  Our purpose and position has always been about providing a reliable, cost effective service that meets the needs of organisations big and small.


It can sound cliche – but we want to keep it simple. We understand our audience. We understand that they are often passionate innovators or driven sales professionals who have better things to do than search websites and newspapers for tenders. We want to provide the information they need in one easy to read format. We also understand how important tenders are to businesses – our clients must trust in our capacity to find all opportunities and, like clockwork, deliver them to their inbox.


If it makes sense and there’s an obvious win/win, we would love to hear from you. Our businesses are built around a strong partnering mentality and we are always open to new opportunities.