3D Printer

The purpose of this process is to purchase a 3D Colour Printer to complement the Rapid Prototyping facilities in the School of Computing Engineering and Mathematics (SCEM). During the six years since its inception, SCEM at WSU has extensively supported closer interaction between Industrial Design, Engineering, Construction Management, and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) disciplines. In 2013 the School provided new workshops and studios to support blended learning and research in Industrial design and mechanical engineering and entrepreneurship in technology design and development. The School has further developed its capacity for rapid prototyping in a broad sense, which brings one step closer the implementation of the School plan for experimenting with ideas and broadly embedding creativity and entrepreneurship in all academic programs. These developments are a result of the School strategy to lead its graduates in the development of their synergetic computational, engineering, design, managerial and entrepreneurial thinking, so that they will be able to tackle problems and develop systems with capabilities limited only by their creativity, imagination and desire for innovation.

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