Cyber Security Assessment Tools Platforms

The Department seeks to engage a supplier to build and host applications to deploy cyber assessment tools that will allow better support of the performance of Australian SMEs in the critical area of Cyber Security. The resultant deliverables will be used by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Business Advisers (BAs) to better support the […]

Supporting Responses to Commonwealth Science Council Priorities

The objective of Supporting Responses to Commonwealth Science Council Priorities is to support the development of Australian research in priority areas as set by the Commonwealth Science Council. It aims to provide the Learned Academies and the Australian Council of Learned Academies with the flexibility to achieve that objective in leveraging existing funding provided by […]

Business Process Optimisation Services and Information Management Services

Council’s vision for the future is to transform the Boroondara customer experience into one that places the customer at the centre of our service and delivers a seamless, convenient and empowering experience for all customers. This is an organisation wide project requiring commitment from all employees to ensure a successful transition from our current customer […]

Radiation Oncology Treatment Planning System

MidCentral District Health Board (MDHB) are seeking industry leaders to provide and support a Radiation Oncology Treatment Planning System (TPS) to replace our aging XiO System. This system will integrate with our clinical and business needs for at least the next ten years. We are looking for existing or new suppliers who have the capability, […]

Strategic Technical Advisory Services

The North East Link Authority (NELA) is seeking to procure the exclusive services of an experienced provider of Strategic Technical Advisory Services (STAS). The scope of services include providing independent expert analysis and recommendations for the post-Business Case phases of the NEL project, this includes specialist technical advice in regards to interchange design, traffic planning […]

MPI Strategic Procurement Plan

Defence requires the development of a Strategic Procurement Plan, and commercial and procurement advice to support the Military Platform Integration program. This work is required to improve project delivery in the MPI branch with a focus on procurement issues. There are no overall commercial engagement models for the branch. There is ambiguity from Defence and […]